Thursday, August 31, 2006

I Guess This Is How It Is Now

No more dialogue, just monologues.

Here’s the deal with dreams. Dreams are only important to the people who have them. I am bored witless when I have to hear about other people’s dreams. I also generally think dream sequences are unnecessary in films; they’re usually funny and/or interesting but basically pointless. But last night I saw The Test Dream episode of The Sopranos and this dream sequence was the best and most realistic I’ve ever seen. Realistic in that this one seemed most like the dreams I have: nonsensical, switching scenarios often, nerve-wracking, long and complicated, eerie and featuring a celebrity guest star.

This fifth season is so depressing. So much death and hardly any humor. Except for when Little Carmine said, “This is a fucking stagmire!” The Sopranos is the gold medal standard for malapropisms. And ironic symbolism.

I hate the word “gubernatorial.” It sounds disgusting.

I’m working on my true stories of Amway and Lifespring and how my snake bite led to our family’s first television.