Monday, September 25, 2006

100% Pure Adrenaline!

One of the funniest scenes in Sleep With Me is Quintin Tarantino’s cameo as a party guest obsessed with the gay undertones in Top Gun. And while Top Gun is a very gay movie, I think maybe, just maybe, Point Break is gayer. Lori, will you back me up on this? I had the (dis)pleasure of watching it again yesterday afternoon waiting for my clothes to dry. We watched it mostly because we couldn't stand the claustrophobia induced from the buried alive scene in Kill Bill.

Point Break celebrates roguish, bonding hypermasculinity with Patrick Swayze’s Bodhi as the tanned and highlighted zen ringleader looking to initiate Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves). Surfing (gayness) is much more than an ACT - it’s a LIFESTYLE, man. Even Johnny Utah’s love interest is the androgynous Tyler (Lori Petty). And when the “straight” life is represented by Gary Busey it's no wonder Keanu follows his heart (it's not a CHOICE, okay, people?). Most unintentionally hilarious scene in a film made entirely of unintentionally hilarious scenes? It's the first skydiving scene. Bodhi doesn’t just jump from the plane, he executes the perfect pike dive. He takes the time to do some ballet in the would be beautiful if it weren’t so fucking funny

Hmmm...Notice any similarities here?

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Lori Mocha said...

I will back you up up on this.

Point Break is way gayer than Top Gun.