Thursday, September 14, 2006

All Music Thursday

There’s a feature in The Onion called Random Rules. I wanna play. Here are the first ten songs to pop up on random on shame, no skipping to the next one. If need be, I’ll defend my choices.

1. I’m Your Man - Leonard Cohen
No need to justify or explain. Just a really fucking good song.

2. I Know What Boys Like - The Waitresses
HAHA! Only on #2 and I’m already bitten on the ass. This is a good one to play at parties.

3. This Modern Love - Bloc Party
Am I cool enough now?

4. I Got It Bad And That Ain’t Good - Nina Simone
Ouch. These lyrics are truer than ever now. Quick, change it.

5. Hey That’s No Way To Say Goodbye - Leonard Cohen
ARE YOU TRYING TO TORTURE ME? iTunes, you’ve got a sick sense of humor.

6. Lost Cause - Beck
I’m now holding the blade to my wrists. Please, give me a reason not to.

7. Spottieottiedopaliscious - Outkast
THANK YOU. Love the horns.

8. Reptile - The Church
The Church! Acute memories of 8th grade pain and anguish rush in with the first chords of this song. I’ve not changed all that much.

9. What It Feels Like For a Girl - Madonna
Damn...once in a while she still gets it totally right. The best song from Music.

10. Reason To Believe - Michael Penn & Aimee Mann
A cover of the Bruce Springsteen song. Not as good as the original but still lovely.

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Kate Massey said...

I wanna play too:

1) The One Rose - Johnny Cash
*My Ipods mood must be depressed too

2) I Would Die for You - Prince

3) Doing it to Death - James Brown
*I associate this song with the music that comes on after a great concert is over and you all stand there half-drunk and stunned. Or after a bad concert and you wish you had just seen James Brown instead. That happened to me one time when the show was over and they played the Clash. I was like "damn, it's sad when what comes on after is better than the show you just paid for."

4) Rambler, Gambler - Bob Dylan
*Bootleg Series, enough said.

5) Sukie in the Graveyard - Belle & Sebastian
*An equall great and strange song

6) A Night Like This - The Cure
*And the memories come flooding back

7) Midnight Rambler - Rolling Stones
*This does not sum me up very well so far

8) Infinita Tristeza - Manu Chao
*I saw them in Chicago a few weeks back and they were huge

9) Pick up the Change - Wilco
*Off of A.M. I think a lot of Wilco fans became fans after Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, but some of Wilco's greatest songs are before that album.

10) What a Wonderful Man - My Morning Jacket
*Not my favorite song from them, but from a great album. The song Wordless Chorus is awesome.

There's my 10. Who's next?