Saturday, September 02, 2006

How Bout Them Hogs?

My town has more than doubled in size this weekend. Why, you ask? Well because it’s the first Hog game of the season, stupid! That’s right...the Razorbacks are playing USC tonight. The angry wild pig flags are flapping on every shiny SUV, the chili is bubbling, beer chilling and the bets are placed. Razorback Red is out in full force. Oh we sure do love our Hogs. Yes sir, and we had us the largest damn teevee you ever did see in a stadium until Texas had to come along and build a bigger one. Typical.

There’s also an arts festival this weekend. The fact that these two events are happening at the same time has sparked some really interesting conversations lately, as many people feel they must choose between a football game and art shows. This is a southern college town so football is a religion, requiring the same blind faith. Art? In Arkansas? Art here is more likely to be on the craft-y side than the Piss Christ side. It’s not like Hogs fans are avoiding art because it might be unpleasant or challenging. It’s just that, you know, art will always be there but there are only so many games in a season.

But not everyone will go to the Game. There are plenty of arts patrons. This is a college town so a few people here know what's what. Unfortunately, though, the richest arts patrons will be at Razorback Stadium. So the artists will do what the artists do: serve boxed wine to each other and work out barters for their favorite pieces.

I doubt I need to explain which event I’ll be attending. I don't really get the point of spectator sports, except for the Olympics and World Cup soccer. I love those. There’s something about an international championship that gets me all excited. It’s also the only time you’ll catch me unabashedly patriotic. I don’t really care about sports otherwise and I’ve never understood why people get so INTO it. It’s a game someone else is playing. Now If I’m playing a game you better fucking believe I'll want to win but if it’s someone else then who cares?


BionicBuddha said...

Great blog, Alannah. I also like the world cup and the olympics...thanks for sharing some of your thoughts!

Riverwoman616 said...

Ok honey.. now you have to write more! Maybe if someone read mine, I'd be inclined to write more, too.

ps.. don't know many people that might have a weirder pantry than your mom! And you know I love her! She's the first person I ever knew that could make a meal out of Jeruselum artichokes!