Thursday, September 14, 2006

"I can't get next to you. I'm alone again"

Sweet Relief! I finally solved a musical mystery that's been plaguing me for years. My old friend Eli made a CD for my birthday back in 2000. Being a guy, he neglected to include a track listing. I kept playing this one song over and over and I had to know who did it. Eli couldn't remember because he has something like 10,000 songs accumulated on his computer. I would play it for friends, the kind of people who know the most obscure British invasion band or punk trio out of Abilene, Texas but they too were stumped. On a whim this morning I plugged just the right combination of lyrics into Google and there, on a Japanese bulletin board, in between computer-translation gibberish, I found the answer. I can rest in peace now.

The song? "Cry" by Mark Ramos Nishita, a frequent collaborator with the Beastie Boys. Now I want the whole album.

Track listings, people - they only take a few minutes.....WELL WORTH IT.

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