Saturday, September 09, 2006

"Real Women Declare Triumph"

An Australian swimsuit designer used size 8-12 models in her runway show and raised a big ruckus down under.

Here are pictures from the show.

Okay I have few problems with this. For one, I think it's just plain erroneous to describe women sized 8-12 as "real" as though women who are medically underweight and suffering with eating disorders or OCD exercisers or are even, god forbid, naturally skinny aren't "real." Every body type is real. And the rest of headline, too. "Declare Triumph?" Is it really a war? "Real" women versus an increasingly impossible ideal? We just need more female designers. Of course that's not always the answer.

I think it's great that a designer put larger-sized women on the runway....but did you SEE those women? Are Australian sizes different from the U.S.? Because, uh, I could count every model's ribs. And people were horrified by this display? I'M HORRIFIED AT THEIR HORROR. I guess people don't want to see "reality" on the runway. They want to see the fantasies of mostly gay men. Yes, I have issues with the fashion industry even though I also love it. I would agree with feminist theory that the female body is used as a symbol for a society's values. I think we work out our own issues using celebrity bodies. People seem to be particularly obsessed with Nicole Richie, Lindsey Lohan and Calista Flockhart's figures, for example. All of this as we, as a country, get fatter and fatter. If we obsess over other people's bodies we don't have to pay attention to our own. Pass me the polluted, hormone-injected, genetically-modified, imported, weeks-old plate!

I have problems with everything.


miss marty said...

i'd just like to say thank you: "...or are even, god forbid, naturally skinny aren't "real."

I"M REAL TOO, GOSH! I am personally stuck in a weird position with our society's problem with weight. I totally think that hollywood - and our (me, included) obsession with hollywood- is at the forefront of the problem. Yes, i think that a lot of the celebs are far too skinny and yes i think that leads a lot of women to try to be that skinny as well. BUT, I am often on the defensive when it comes to this conversation. Ever since Junior High School when rumors were spread about me that i had an eating disorder b/c i was so thin. I AM NATURALLY THIN, DAMNIT. A lot of times, people assume that thin, ok skinny, people are somehow less womanly, less sexual, less indulgent, just less everything. It's a very hard society to live in if you are anything but average, aka you blend in. It's not always easy being skinny. And, you know, I have never really said much about this b/c i know what people think. "Oh, how sad, she's too skinny.. Boo-hoo.". My mom has had the same troubles with her weight, when she was in grade school in the 50's she would come home everyday and eat a loaf of bread covered with butter and sugar! All to fit in... I have mostly been able to ignore a lot of the judments, in part b/c i knew my mom went threw the same thing.

Alannah said...

See, yes. Our obsession with weight is damaging to everyone. What if the obsession with weight instead became an obsession with health? Less dependence on doctors and insurance, then. As a mother of a daughter I have to constantly remind myself to focus on health instead of weight.

And you're gorgeous, Miss Marty. Your body and personality are perfectly harmonious.