Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I finally made that cake I mentioned the other day. Something about Project Runway Night makes me want to attempt complex recipes, like I'm trying to impress the hardened Nina Garcia. I don't think I ground the pistachios enough because they have a definite texture in the cake. The flavor is DELICIOUS...the richness of the pistachios in a light spongy cake (no butter and barely any flour), concentrated orange in the syrup and chopped in the filling, sweet late summer strawberries. My daughter wasn't crazy about the barely-detectable grittiness of the ricotta in the icing but I thought it added yet more complexity to the flavor. As you can clearly see, cake decorating isn't a strength of mine but who cares; it was so yummy. I wanted a light dinner due to the heavines of dessert so I seared tilapia fillets, steamed summer squash, made garlic couscous and a salad with fresh herbs and a simple olive oil/garlic/honey/lime juice dressing.

The rest of this only pertains to those of you who are likewise obsessed with Project Runway. Ugh. Why on earth did they have to bring back two of the whiniest, weirdest and least talented designers? I guess it makes for good television? Whatever...pee-yew...Vincent and Angela's designs sucked! They were auf wiedersehen for a reason, people. I thought Uli was a goner but she'll hang on for one more week; she's getting tiresome anyway. My daughter wants me to somehow email Kayne (this is a true story) because she loves him and wants him to know that he was her favorite. Goodbye, sweet Kayne. I'll see you in the winner's circle....of a beauty pageant.
Sigh. This season hasn't been as much fun to watch because the strongest three were made very clear weeks ago. I knew they'd keep Jeffrey around because he's a lightning rod personality that people love to hate...he's innovative in his designs but they're usually...well, plain UGLY. I like Laura's sensibility but her style is just too stiff or something. Michael is the golden boy; just about everything he's done has appeared effortlessly chic and flattering. He should win.

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