Monday, September 04, 2006

Thoughts On: Entourage

I don’t really know why I started watching Entourage. I’d heard about it and was mildly curious. The first season really turned me off. The guys were all so.....guy-ish, not at all what I want to be watching. Watching Entourage made me feel like I’d gotten stuck in an extended Axe body spray or Bacardi Silver commercial...all tricked out cars, high fives, loud music and fake boobs. That’s not how you impress me, Marky Mark. I’d heard this show described as “Sex and the City for men” which is just so wrong. The guys on Entourage don’t have a single interesting or even funny take on modern male/female relationships. It embraces the “boys will be boys” philosophy that enrages and depresses me.

But I kept a testosterone-infected train wreck. There was really only one reason I kept coming back: Jeremy Piven. His character, agent Ari Gold, is far and away the best part of the show. He’s bi-polar, abusive, manic, hilarious, persuasive and I couldn’t wait for the plot to leave the perpetually stoned and boring dudes and get back to him.

The best episode of the series so far is the penultimate one of the second season. The guys think Mandy Moore is cheating on Vince so they stalk her (giving Johnny Drama his funniest lines ever: “Too many times, Turtle. Too many times.”) meanwhile Ari is trying to outsmart his boss before he gets fired from the agency. The second best thing on the show is Ari’s assistant, Lloyd. It’s great to see a funny, sweet and totally un-fey gay character. His speech to Ari near the end actually made me forget that this is a ridiculous, masturbatory, self-referential television show. Too bad the 3rd season hasn’t been able to live up to the standards of that episode. I am hoping for more Barbara Miller-Ari Gold interaction and for Johnny Drama to come out of the closet (or else all that foreshadowing is just a big tease).

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