Friday, September 22, 2006

Today in Misogyny

All from today's front page of

Mother of 3 dragged to death, perpetrator most likely her partner

Lou Diamond Phillips charged with domestic battery

Photo slideshow of the wives and girlfriends of Ryder Cup participants (are we REALLY still doing this "woman behind the man" bullshit?)

I'm reminded of that oft-quoted Native American parable in which the grandfather tells the young boy that there are two wolves constantly at battle within him, one of pettiness, greed, anger and jealousy and the other of peace, benevolence, love and kindness. The boy asks which wolf will win and the grandfather says "The one you feed." The big fucking problem I have with the media is the wolf it chooses to feed.

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Kate Massey said...

That is a fucking great parable. Applies to everything.