Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Crime Spree

From the police reports in this morning's paper:

11: 28 p. m. A man at 2332 N. Windwood Drive reported someone put spoons on his car and set an item on fire on his porch. The previous night he reported someone placed pepper packets and taco sauce on his windshield.

12: 11 a. m. A woman at 2300 N. College Ave. reported customers were causing problems and one customer threw a stapler at the cook.

1: 09 a. m. A caller at 612 S. College Ave. reported several people singing offkey and she wanted them to stop.

A caller at 401 W. 24 th St. reported 10 to 12 people outside fighting and throwing a tricycle back and forth.


Lori Mocha said...

Singing offkey should be illegal.

Alannah said...

Especially when it's "several people." Karaoke and piano bars should be monitored by the police - you're right.