Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dancing About Architecture

This is who I was today.I trekked with six 11 year-olds on a walking architectural tour of Fayetteville, from the historic district to the square to the library and downtown.
All photographs taken by Stella so be nice.
Column detail on Washington St.
The Headquarters House. The Battle of Fayetteville during the Civil War was fought on this lawn.
Keystone and decorate masonry on The Old Post Office on the square.
Battlements on Court House Concepts on the square.
David Adams Jewelry on the southwest corner of the square.
View of the Boston Mountains from the rooftop garden on the Fayetteville Public Library.
E. Fay Jones' office building. South School Street.
Peace Fountain sculpture by Hank Kaminsky. Fayetteville Town Center.
Door to Bordino's building.


annulla said...

Fayetteville looks nice. Is the jewelry store newly constructed or is it an historic building? Hard to tell from the photo, but it is an interesting structure.

Alannah said...

Fayetteville does look nice. I needed to be reminded that it is a pretty place. The jewelry store building has been there a long time but I believe that's all new masonry.