Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Good Morning and You Can Suck It, Karl Lagerfeld

I come in to work, greet everyone, get my coffee and settle down here at my Desk of Doom to check the news sites. I think the only reason I check CNN is just to get pissed off. So what does "America's most trusted news source" think is newsworthy today?

Apparently this:
Karl Lagerfeld doesn't think his models are too skinny. "They have skinny bones," He said. SKINNY BONES. What the fuck kind of crazy talk/bad science is that? I guess I wouldn't know with my GLUTTONOUS, OBESE bones.
Women are letting this man dictate fashion to them?


K said...

It's okay... I won't be buying any fingerless gloves anytime soon. Even if Lindsay Lohan IS wearing them.


DaddyRich said...

You took the words right out of my mouth - 'who let's this idiot dictate fashion to them?' A little secret - men prefer women who are not skinny. Skinny is something that girls are taught by their mothers and television apparently. I would never want a skinny woman and thankfully never had one. Sorry to rant. Thanks for posting a message on my blog - it's good to hear from others who drudge away at this thankless pasttime of ours.

Evil Prodigy said...

What a fucking airhead...

Seriously, somebody throw him in a Psychiatric hospital!