Friday, October 06, 2006

I ♥ America More Than You

Y'all I've really been struggling, trying to find a real special way to show what a deep and competitive and solid love I have for my country and its policies. Tattoos are so 90s, bumper stickers too bourgeois. How can I adequately announce to the world, "I LOVE AND SUPPORT AMERICA MORE THAN "YOU!"??

Well I think I've found a way!
Ain't she a beauty?
I call 'er Oil is Thicker Than Blood, And Don't You Forget It
She's made from the smelted remains of the twin towers.
Nevar forget.


carolyn said...

oh christ, that totally qualifies as fucking awesome!

extracurricular said...

I missed you!
(It's Weedy.)

Bryan said...

Mind = Somewhat Blown. Talk about audacity. Why don't we all just find an object that most represents dominance, disregard and wealth to us and bath it in every horrifically mundane symbolic American scene we can think of. We'll call it patriotism. And don't forget, you get bonus points if the object is a distraction to other physical inadequacies.

Alannah said...

I couldn't have said it better myself, Bryan.