Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Life is Unfair

Otherwise this man would be my spiritual guide, guiding me in the right direction, giving me honest critiques and cheering me on. Screw fairy godmothers....I want Tim Gunn.

I don't know what I'm doing for dinner tonight. Something with salmon, haricots verts (fancy green beans), fingerling potatoes (fancy potatoes) and dill and I'm jonesin' for the St. Clair sauvignon blanc again.


C. L. Hinton said...

Don't forget to add long black hairs to it.

And maybe some eggs could be poached in the Savignon Blanc (I know it's not as traditional as red).

And maybe add some cold brussel sprouts or beets to that bad boy, and you got a MEAL!

Alannah said...

All on a bed of cold oatmeal......oh yes.

Anonymous said...

He can be your fairy godfather.