Saturday, October 28, 2006

New Digs

We're still unpacking and have to get slipcovers for the couches so please excuse the raw state...but here are a few pictures of our awesome new house.Living room (fireplace!). That window looks out over all of the west side of Fayetteville...incredible sunset view
Living room/dining room.
Kitchen (duh). Magnum P.I. watches over all.
The sloping yard.


audrophenia said...

your house looks awesome! i can't keep writing this way. i hate having to put in secret codes every time. i will try to email.

Alannah said...

Sorry about the codes. It's to keep the spambots out. Visit us soon, dammit!

carolyn said...

oh that looks so pretty and bright and american. i miss big bright american houses.

Alannah said...

Even if I hadn't spent the past two years living in hell I would adore this house. I've always wanted to live in a stone house. And yeah...the expanse sure is nice.