Sunday, October 01, 2006


That's a real iguana. Seen on 71B in Springdale at 1:30pm.

Dickson Street at 8pm.


miss marty said...

i swear i saw that lady with the iguana last year.

my mom told me that they put a Gloria Jeans into the train depot?!?! please tell me that is not true. please.

Alannah said...

Marty there is not only a Gloria Jeans but also a Haagen Dazs! There was some dude dressed up like a huge waffle cone walking amongst all the bikers.

I love that space. It's very depressing.

Bryan said...

You guys are kidding me please. Is there a Haagen Dazs and Gloria Jeans in the train depot now? Has Hot Topic and Sbarro's signed up yet?