Friday, October 27, 2006


I left half a lime on the cutting board all day. This is the pattern left behind. Doesn't it look like a kiss mark?


audrophenia said...

looks like little butt cheeks.

Alannah said...


audrophenia said...

just one of the advantages of staying home on a friday night: indulging my naughtier predilections. am i doing something wrong? I always have to put in the crazy little code to show i'm not a spammer.

i'm not a spammer!!! ppyzgq! i'm not a spammer!

Alannah said...

Audrey you're so bad.

audrophenia said...

i am very bad. and i'm circling the wagons and going home. okay, i am home but you get the idea.

guess what i'm doing tomorrow, though? i'm going bike riding w/ john kerry.

in other news, i need music. playlists! c.d.s! all of it!

miss you.
love you.
going to sleep.

p.s. if you ever met nancy griffith in person, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), how strong would your urge to punch her be?

Alannah said...

Git along little doggy.

I will make you CDs. Do you still need that Erykah Badu remix?

My urge to punch anyone is running at an average 8-10.

audrophenia said...

i totally still need it.

btw, i went bike riding with john kerry this a.m. no lie. am still waiting for pics to be sent to me. he was incredibly strong. i never would have guessed it.