Monday, October 09, 2006

Tasty Autumn Dinner

It was nice to have time to cook again. Tonight's dinner was quick, fairly easy, healthy and oh so delicious. It was a simple hearty Italian sausage/tomato sauce served over polenta.

For the sauce I cut up turkey Italian sausage (just as yummy and much healthier) and sauteéd the hunks of meat with garlic and onions. Then I added pureéd Muir Glen canned whole tomatoes, some good Tuscan tomato paste, splash of wine, a ton of fresh basil, sliced mushrooms and red & green peppers. I let all that simmer together while I made the polenta (just boil broth, add cornmeal and cook for a while then spread onto a cookie sheet until it firms up). The polenta was cut into squares and topped with the sauce and grated parmesan & asiago cheeses.

We had this wine - Valdubón Reserva 2001, a Spanish red. Its low acidity and earthy notes complemented the meal quite well. Fuck. I'm becoming one of those people...people who describe wine in terms of "notes." That's what happens when you live with a wine expert. I can hardly be blamed.

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