Thursday, November 09, 2006

80 Degrees on a Thursday Afternoon

It's an obscenely beautiful and hot day here for November. I trumped up some reason for leaving the shackles of my desk and drove around with the windows down and music up.

Northwest Arkansas is beautiful....most of the time. It's also home to shit like this:That's a church, viewed from the interstate. Remember back in the middle ages when Europe had all that pride and competition for building the most elaborate and beautiful churches? Yeah..I always think of that when I see a huge, boxy metal building converted into a church. Or a gaudy, barn-like one like this one. Jesus must be so proud.
Outside Springdale on 71....I hate this strip. It depresses me.
This does NOT depress me. My favorite taqueria in the state. I had un taco al pastor y un soda tamarindo. Gringolicious.
My bill came to $2.20.


John Schaefer said...

That's a really great church, BTW, if it's the one I think it is. I went to an training session for how to care for people with HIV there back in 97.

Glad to see NWA keeps attracting cool folks!

Alannah said...

That church is wasn't there in '97.

I wasn't "attracted" to NWA but you could say my parents were...I just haven't left yet.

But it's in my blood and I do love it....most of the time.

John Schaefer said...

Oh well, it seems like everything in NWA is new. I was there in January briefly and could hardly recognize Fayetteville. My people come from that place, and I really like it, but they don't have enough jobs in my industry.

Alannah said...

Everthing DOES seem new and a lot of it is. You're right...the job market is depressingly specific.