Monday, November 06, 2006

Be Strong, Ye Men of God

In light of Ted Haggard and Mark Foley (and, to an extent, Neil Patrick Harris, Lance Bass and T.R. Knight), there's been a lot of recent discussion about gay men, Christianity, "moral values" in politics, etc. Is it a coincidence that there seems to be a massive de-closeting going on?

This article makes an interesting case for why the Christian Right is particularly obsessed with gay men. Women have been cast biblically as temptresses, seducing men away from righteous matters (Eve, Delilah, Mary Magdelene) but if, as the modern Christian Right would have us believe, women are now properly subjugated by their Promise-Keeping husbands, now the seducer to be wary of is the gay man. Look out, guys...they're lurking Denver hotel rooms, in boy bands and even in the halls of Congress....just waiting to pounce on your tender, straight, god-fearing flesh!

Source: Feministing


carolyn says said...

does that mean the ladies will get a break from being evil? because i could get a lot more done if i could just cut the temptressing out of my schedule

Alannah said...

Oh silly Carolyn...women are ALWAYS evil...we brought about the Original Sin after all (We're OS in gangsta-speak). However, women can't be evil seductresses if they're tending the hearth. Don't you have some bread to leaven?

carolyn says said...

naw man, it won't be kosher if i touch it. that's why this shiksa business is such a sweet deal, i get out of all that time in the kitchen!

actually i am not allowed to cook ANYTHING, like i don't think i can even touch the fridge if we ever go to jeremy's cousin Josh's house back in detroit. that's how evil i am! but i can't tend the hearth so i can't stop, i guess it just can't be helped

Alannah said...

Oh're a shiksa...You're already a seasoned temptress then.

carolyn says said...

it gets a little boring after awhile, so many apples