Monday, November 13, 2006


Poor Gunther. He is in a very weird mood now. Doesn't he look mad? But I really love his sleekness and lack of dreadlocks and cat poo-encrusted tail fur.

P.S. Band-aid method for giving notice worked great! I didn't even feel guilty!


Anonymous said...

Band-aid method that took 8 hours to peel off?

Alannah said...

It was a huge Band-aid. And very sticky.,

carolyn says said...

gunther already looked pissed off before the shaving. you should keep all your fingers and toes covered while you sleep for the next few nights. that's a cat with a well-earned grudge

Alannah said...

I know..poor Mr. G. The vet said he probably feels really embarrassed about the way he looks. And Chicklet isn't helping by still being a little bitch to him. Is it a sure sign of my spinsterhood that I'm so concerned with my cats' mental states?