Monday, November 06, 2006

Cheese of the Day

Sage Derby. I've been eating it slivered on crackers but yesterday I melted some on rye bread which I topped with organic chicken sausage, arugula and poached eggs, a tasty brunch for one.

That fortified me for our day of housework. The house is really coming together and it feels so good, really comfortable - the kind of house you want to come home to. It's good that Angie and I have basically the same taste and opinions on how things should be organized and arranged. We now have the combined CD collection that could rival a college radio station's (not in content, just in number).


carolyn says said...

that is some seriously beautiful cheese. someday you will come to london and i will take you to our local cheese shop and buy you things like cornish yarg and bleu cheese that is so strong just the scent of it will make you a little light headed!

Alannah said...

I looooved the cheese when I was in England.

carolyn says said...

we went to a wedding in scotland a couple years ago and they had a cheese tray for dessert, you didn't even need to eat the stuff it was so pungent. you could just waft the scent into your mouth and then eat a cracker and you felt full.