Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hawg Wild

This is one of the most exciting days in recent history. Oh? You hadn't heard? Why, today's the day that the Razorbacks are playing Tennessee! Both teams are about evenly ranked (I think? I pick up Razorback knowledge like lint - can't avoid it). ESPN is in town to broadcast the game. The RV tailgate park was filled up by Wednesday. I've felt the collective energy rise all week and now it's at college football-mania fever pitch. I'm pretty sure if the Hogs don't win tonight, there will be quiet shedding of manly tears.

This is an example of every conversation I've had this week:

Them: God, I can't wait for the game on Saturday.

Me: God, I can't wait for Saturday.

Them: It's gonna be AWESOME! Come on! You're not gonna at least tailgate?

Me: I'm gonna clean the house and make collages. I can't wait.

Them: Well I'll already be drunk by noon and will go anywhere that they're wearing red and cooking meat over an open flame. Think about it! We could get a bowl game!

Me: Mmm hmm.


Me: Umm....That the Razorbacks would play a post-season bowl game?

Them: Fuck! Wouldn't that be AWESOME?

Me: Uh huh.....awesome.


miss marty said...

i like wearing red and i like almost any meat over an open flame. can we still be friends?

about 8 years ago, i didn't buy a car b/c it was red. i thought everyone in ftown would confuse it for hawg pride.

*p.s. i'm sooo happy for you re: the new job! i owe you a phone call too....

Alannah said...

Oh I'm totally pro-red & flaming meats....I'm no hawgshater! I'm still an Arkansas girl. But you know...I could take it or leave it, college football.

and thanks!!

Anonymous said...

It can't be worse that when there's a soccer game at the parken stadium in Copenhagen and a bunch of pained red and white faces with their red and white jerseys go around in swarms, shit-faced drinking Tuborg and Enkelt 1.

carolyn says said...

that sounds eerily similar to london during the world cup, do they vomit on the trains as well?