Saturday, November 04, 2006

Losing Ground

I’m having a hard time getting going today. I so rarely get to just wake up and futz around. I also am consumed by the Shoulds. I should be doing yoga first thing. I should cleaning & organizing. I should be drilling holes and hanging pictures. I should be writing. I won’t go on. You get the picture.

Built To Spill are totally The Grateful Dead for the aging hipster set. And that’s okay by me.

Check out this douchebag who’s running for lieutenant governor here, Jim Holt. I think he has like nine kids (clearly not as virile as Arkansas’ other Top Breeder, Jim Bob Duggar) and is one of those who is so extreme in his homophobia that it makes you think “Hmmmm.....why is he so against it?.” Jim Holt has these election signs that are so pure and perfect in their visual irony:
He's got another one I need to take a picture of that says "Ban Gay Adoption." Because we all know how critical an issue gay adoption is.


Lori Mocha said...

Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle sure like to screw.

Alannah said...

I bet they've never even seen each other naked.

carolyn says said...

yikes, you're making me happy i moved out of the country, showing me signs like that. but it also makes me feel guilty for not sorting out my absentee ballot in time to vote. this will be the second election i have missed since i was 18 and it makes me ashamed of myself

Alannah said...

Is it a pain in the ass getting an absentee ballot? We need all the good voters we can get!

carolyn says said...

not really a pain i just forgot about it until it was too late because it takes like a month on top of the fact that i need to reregister since my official address is in michigan now instead of illinois.

these are lame excuses though and i need to get on the ball before the presidential elections. the last thing i want is to be crying in the nook of some building off trafalgar square AGAIN in 2008 because the repulicans won again. although i did vote in 2004 and yelled at anyone who said they weren't voting.

see in the tenth grade i won a speech contest and got $100 for my speech on the importance of voting. it made me a little self righteous.