Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Maybe There's A Reason We're Called The Hogs

It cracks me up how entitled and greedy some politicians can be. Our outgoing governor, Mike Huckabee, has raised eyebrows and media attention because someone set up gift registries for his wife and him in order to furnish their new post-governor's mansion home. The wedding registries are online with Target and Dillard's. They have been married for 32 years. In fact, theirs is a covenant marriage so they're like EXTRA married.

It's just too amusingly tacky. The Huckabees just bought a half-million dollar house and yet they need help furnishing it? When our governor (pushing for an '08 Republican white house bid) was confronted by reporters he got all huffy and mad, first saying it was a women's thing, that "men don't go to their wives' showers," then saying it was all a blogger's fault for bringing attention to it. What're you getting so worked up for, Mike? Because you know (like ALL true southerners know), deep down, what's tacky behavior and what's not? Because you know you've been paid $80,000 a year for the past ten years with virtually NO living expenses while the average annual income in Arkansas is $28,000?

Buy your own damn towels because you're looking the fool!

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