Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More NW Arkansas Crime

8: 26 a. m. A man at 2605 N. Villa Blvd. reported someone kicked his front door open and stole a Dr Pepper.

10: 33 a. m. A caller on West Sixth Street and South Razorback Road reported people running in and out of traffic, stopping cars, holding signs and screaming “Go Hogs.” (10:30 am? I guess it's never too early to be a hog fan.)

3: 29 p. m. A woman at 404 N. W. Fourth St. reported finding an air compressor in the bed of her pickup. (around here we call that a gift, lady.)

3: 41 p. m. A woman at Baptist Ford Cemetery in Elkins reported finding a bullet hole in her parents ’ headstone.

7: 27 p. m. A man reported he mistakenly gave two $ 100 bills that he thought were $ 10 bills to a man for basketball tickets and the person ran away with the money.

2: 46 a. m. A woman at 2285 S. Cody Circle reported a man refused to leave her residence and wrote on her with a permanent marker.

2: 58 a. m. A woman at EZ Mart, 2124 W. Sunset Ave., reported two men bought nuts and then grabbed money from the cash register. (It was the nuts part that got me.)

1 comment:

carolyn says said...

that permanent marker dude sounds like jeremy, he's always writing things on my arm, and not fun riot grrrl type things, no more like poophead or shut up. he's a jerk