Thursday, November 30, 2006

More Gems From The Crime Reports

8: 28 a. m. A woman at Higher Self Foundation and Personal Best, 524 W. Sycamore St., reported a client threatening to hurt and kill her and her family. (Sounds like a ringing endorsement for their services!)

9: 18 a. m. A caller at Van Nail & Hair, 1702 S. Walton Blvd., reported a man keeps calling after watching pornographic movies. (Who doesn't want to talk to a manicurist after watching porn at 9am?)

10: 20 a. m. A man at 12744 Little Elm Road, Farmington, reported a man he hired stole steaks, rebar pins and $ 800 cash.

2: 26 p. m. A caller at 700 Picadilly St. reported a man asked if he could sleep on his couch.

4: 44 p. m. A woman at 51 Holly Drive reported youths throwing dead animals in her yard.

6: 11 p. m. A man at 14631 Union Star Road, West Fork, reported a man across the street playing a snare drum.

8: 17 p. m. A caller on West Jess Anderson Road, Fayetteville, reported her ex-husband stole a chain saw, weed trimmer, a saddle and a set of pearls. (In other words, her dowry)

11: 22 p. m. A man at 1370 N. Oakland Ave. reported people on a back patio singing “Happy Birthday.” (Arrest them, officers!)

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