Thursday, November 16, 2006

Rape In The News

Oh, this'll be a real fun entry, won't it?

Yesterday, Pakistan's Parliament voted to amend the Islamic rape laws that required the victim to provide four male witnesses to the rape in order to prosecute. This amendment also allows rape cases to be tried in civil, as opposed to religious, courts. It has yet to pass the senate and yet still it angered some conservative members so much that they stormed out of the session. That's a lot of anger for an amendment that shouldn't affect them if they're not rapists. Those guys win my vote for Misogynistic Assholes of the Week.

No, wait. That award would go to the U.S. soldiers who raped an Iraqi girl and then murdered her and her family. It was all premeditated because, one said, he "hated Iraqis."

I can't even write more about that case because I feel so sickened and angry and need my happy place.

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