Friday, November 17, 2006

Sexy Men Who Are Not George Clooney

What a way to start the weekend!

In light of People magazine's boring, repeated George Clooney pick, Salon published their choices for the Sexiest Man Alive and, surprise, surprise, I agreed with nearly all of them (except the tennis player. I don't pay attention to sports). I would like to go on record, though, and state that Lori and I were all over Mark Ruffalo years before Salon.

Here's a few more I would have chosen as alternatives to the safe, bland People choices:

Angie and I both have the serious hots for Peter Dinklage. What a treat to see him on Nip/Tuck this year, having an affair with Joely Richardson. If you haven't seen The Station Agent, then you might not understand.

Rainn Wilson. Okay, love the hippy name, loved him as Arthur in Six Feet Under and now I really love him as Dwight in The Office.

I've had a crush on Kevin Corrigan since his role as "The Ugly Guy" in Walking and Talking. He was also great in The Slums of Beverly Hills.

John Edwards. I'm such a sucker for Southern Democrats with drawls that'll melt your panties.

What other sexy men are underrated?


Lori Mocha said...

Must we fight over Kevin Corrigan too?

Paul Rudd should be added to this list, but HE IS MINE.

I guess I should do my own sexiest men alive piece.

I am so over Clooney.

Alannah said...

How could I forget Paul Rudd??? I even forgive him for marrying Phoebe on Friends.

carolyn says said...

like one of the letter writers on salon i think they totally dropped by leaving michael chabon off the list, but maybe they were afraid ayelet waldman would go all kooky and pull hair if they included her man. also i think thomas jane (husband of the arquette who is in medium) is dreamy, but that could be because he once played neal cassady

Alannah said...

You know why I didn't include Michael Chabon? Because he was on the real People magazine list a few years ago! The mainstream is onto him!

carolyn says said...

damnit! who told them? it was those pulitzer jerks wasn't it?

Alannah said...

Ayelet Waldman gives me hope...that such a crazy, jealous, neurotic woman can still snag a hot, talented guy.