Monday, November 27, 2006


The main reason I've barely written in the past week is because I haven't been seated long enough. Thanks to the ego-stroking I got over the weekend, people asking me why I hadn't written or saying how much they enjoyed reading this, I have the motivation and reason to keep up this exercise. This one's for y'all.

We fed 14 people on Thanksgiving. Our family is complicated, but it was still a good day, even if my mom made my grandmother cry (Mom was justified in feeling upset but this was Thanksgiving, fer chrissakes, can't we just let some things go on this day?). My mother's cousin, his wife and their FIVE kids drove down. Their kids....they're just so GOOD. It's crazy. They're not annoyingly good, all treacly and ass-kissy. They're genuinely really good kids; they're sweet and polite and funny. I worry I'll corrupt them just by talking to them....that I'll slip and say "shit" and that'll be it.....I wonder how they'll turn out, though, if they'll keep a happy and secure view of the world. Is that even possible? I spent that night with another family of mine and played with kids the next day. Then followed a debaucherous and joy-filled weekend, the details of which would cause my five little cousins' hair to curl.

Here are pictures of Stella's desserts (I also made a kickass coconut cream pie).
chocolate meringue
pumpkin cheesecake w/ caramel topping

I have a lot to be grateful for - Good friends and a huge, extended family (blood and chosen), a daughter who is smart, hilarious, talented, beautiful and creative, new exciting job, a warm and comforting home, adorable pets, delicious food...I could go on. Holy shit. I sound happy. Those of you who are intimate with the journey I've been through the past three years know how monumental that statement is. Don't worry...I'm still cynical and pissed off and sarcastic....I'm just happy to be RIGHT HERE.

Beauty is where you look for it.
Even the parking lot of Target. (or is that....ESPECIALLY in Target?)

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