Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thoughts On: "Lactivists"

Salon reported today about the organized "nurse-ins" at airports, protesting the removal of a woman on a flight for refusing to cover up while nursing her daughter.

I nursed my daugher everywhere I felt like it and was only asked to go elsewhere once - at the Boston Museum of Fine Art. Just let that irony sink in a bit. Because really, I can't think of a single place outside of the Playboy mansion where you'll see more exposed breasts than in an art museum. And my boobs weren't even really exposed! But point is that I was an out-and-proud breastfeeder. I went to La Leche League meetings, fer chrissakes so I can understand people getting upset about this but I just think women and mothers particularly have bigger fish to fry than one woman's ousting from a flight. Such as, oh, lack of suitable places for nursing or pumping milk in the workplace. What if women organized protests all over the country like this for equal pay or better family leave policies or employer-sponsored daycare? I think it's good to get riled up about things you don't like....but probably better to put those things in perspective.

Dream big and act bigger, ladies. Oh, and dudes? You furtively look at boobs all day but you freak out, visibly, when you see a mother nursing. Get over it.

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