Thursday, November 09, 2006

Why I Care About Gay Marriage

I'm kinda pissed that one of my Google ads up there says "Gay Marriage Bad." That neanderthalic statement really sums it all up, huh? But I have no control over that ad...just like I have no control over other people's bigoted, insane, governed-by-irrational fear attitudes that cause them to do things like vote to ban gay marriage.

I grew up in a small, artistic community that many claim to be an oasis in the South. It's an interesting mix of people who've moved from big cities seeking a slower pace, religious zealots, artists, hillbillies and lots of gays. A sociologist from the university here apparently studied my hometown and estimated that 30% of the population was gay.

When I was growing up there, my parents never talked to me about homosexuality (they didn't really talk to me about ANY kind of sexuality, which still strikes me as a little odd considering their hardcore hippy mentality) so I never knew that some considered it "wrong." Some of my strongest examples of healthy partnerships were provided by gay couples. And I love that they were just completely integrated into the community, no need for gay bars or coalitions.

One of the first weddings I took my daughter to was a lesbian wedding. My friend L. walked out first in her tux, to which Stella didn't bat an eye. Then L.'s bride walked down the aisle in her white dress and Stella turned to me and exclaimed, "But she's a girl too!" I said, "Yeah. She is. Doesn't she look beautiful?" Stella nodded vigorously. It was a very sweet moment.

I hope my daughter gets to attend many, many more lesbian weddings in her lifetime (or have her own, if she's inclined). Weddings that will be celebrated openly with all the loved ones and recognized by The State.

I guess I can't shake that hippy upbringing.

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