Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wintry Mix!

Hard rain right now...sleet and then snow to follow. It's possible my last two days at this job will be snow days!

This is perfect because all I want to do anyway is stay home and make soups. Just this week Angie made a roasted red pepper pureed soup and I made potato leek soup from leftover Thanksgiving mashed potatoes.


carolyn says said...

you southerners and your 'snow days!' i could tell you a thing or two about snow days! why the snow in michigan used to come all the way up to my knees! of course i was only 8 at the time, but still, my knees!

oh wait except for the great snowstorm of 99! the kids in detroit brought their sleds oud and used the giant piles of snow that had been plowed of Cass Ave as sledding hills, my friend sara lost her car in one of those hills for over a week! i'm not even kidding.

Alannah said...

yeah isn't it great?

There is school today but they'll most likely let out at lunch. Woo hoo! Two days ago it was 65 and now there's snow. I love Arkansas.

carolyn says said...

jerk, actually i shouldn't be so bitter i have moved to a very temperate if damp climate, the last time it snowed here was the day all of our stuff arrived from chicago, i'm convinced that a gray snow cloud followed the ship over the ocean like in a cartoon