Monday, December 04, 2006

Dear Diary...

All three of my sisters were here this weekend. Jess had a 30th birthday party at a house in the woods that sorta reminded me of the house on Mt. Rushmore at the climax in North By Northwest. I'm drawn to that mid-century, modern, native stone chalet style. I'm in so in love with my 2 yr-old niece that I didn't mind driving all over tarnation in search of impressive "Twissmas Lights." Kate has turned so cynical that she scoffed at me when I said I'm not able to stomach reruns of Seinfeld since the whole Michael Richards n-word debacle. It's not necessarily an act of protest...I just can't look at Kramer without thinking of "if it were 50 years ago you'd be hanging from a tree with a fork in your ass." And, well, that's an awful thing to think of. Suzannah had no idea what we were talking about. That's life on a commune for you. I wonder what it must be like to live that removed from celebrity current events ("Now who wasn't wearing panties this week...?").

From now until at least January I'll be one of two speeds: high or off, no medium or low. I'm either doing a hundred things in one day or I'm watching Bravo and napping. And it's only going to get worse as this month progresses. All's I gotta say is - don't ever watch that Real Housewives of Orange County show unless you want to hate overprivileged, white, IDIOT assholes even more. God, it's galling how stupid these people are. Like David Cross said, when I watch this shit I hate America with a jihadic zeal. Little ol' me. But do I turn it off? Oh hell no, I can't look away from the horror. Then I watched something even worse. I'm actually a little embarrassed to admit that I knowingly and willingly watched two episodes of the latest Real World, in Denver. These people ARE NOT REAL. They can't be. Who is this stupid? Who is this self-consciously hammy and sleazy? Are their agents telling them to act this way?

In other news, both premature and overly hopeful, I really like my job. Although it's very strange to be back on this same campus seven years later. I love being around international students, though, and hearing many different accents. Maybe it's because it's an environment where interpersonal contact is crucial to learning, but everyone is super friendly too.

Wow, it's time for bed.

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