Saturday, December 23, 2006


Do I spend my Saturday late morning watching The Upside of Anger (never seen it) or Before Sunrise (seen at least four times)? I'm still in my pajamas, have had a cup of tea and a delicious spinster breakfast of one fried egg and a piece of buttered pumpernickel toast with orange marmelade. I'm ignoring the near future in which I'm taking Stella Christmas shopping. So do I watch a film I've only heard a little of? Joan Allen is always interesting to watch but...Kevin Costner? I get how his oily charm might construed as attractive...but I why do I need to be convinced? I'm intrigued by the title because, in case you haven't noticed, I'm angry these days. And it features a family of a mother and four daughters, a dynamic more than familiar to me.

But on the other hand is a beautiful, sweet, perfect little film I like to watch every few years. Before Sunrise is a film that seduces you into believing that connections between people that feel serendipitous must be meant to be. Thank god they made a sequel is all I'm gonna say.

Update: I'm watching The Upside of Anger and it's alright. I guess. I gave it up eventually, though.


lagrandedame said...

DO NOT...I repeat DO NOT watch The Upside of Anger. I was angry for wasting two hours of my life after watching that movie.

Alannah said...

Haha..too late. The writing is awful and clunky but Joan Allen is good and she's had some hilarious line delivery.

Lori Mocha said...

I am so over Kevin.

I am watching "What A Girl Wants" and it is not that good, but the girl is so cute.

Alannah said...

Amanda Bynes. She's adorable. And I will watch just about any crap with Colin Firth in it.