Saturday, December 16, 2006

He'p Me

I need every last lurker to comment and tell me what dance songs I NEED in my collection. I'm talkin' guaranteed ass-shakers. The goal is to create the superior-est playlist.


miss marty said...

m.j.: don't stop til you get enough, get on the floor, off the wall, billie jean, rock with you.
billy idol: dancin with myself, white wedding
le tigre: deceptacon
rockwell: i always feel like someone is watching me
stevie wonder: all i do, superstitious

brother ali: prince charming, forest whitaker
good brothers: GB in your life
kanye: gold digger
de la: me, myself and i
ahmad: back in the day
raphael saadiq: get involved
biggie: big poppa
jay-z: big pimpin
snoop: what's my name,
eric sermon: just like music
talib&kanye: get em' high
twista: slow jamz
outkast: any damn song: hey ya, ms. jackson, so fresh, bob
pharcyde: passing me by, oh shit, yo mama
the coup: bigga fish
lauryn hill: doo wop, can't take my eyes off of you (slow, but good)
mia/diplo remix: sunshowers, etc.

* i have this sweet old school funk cd. google it, the track list rocks...more bounce to the ounce, freakshow on the dance floor, etc...

blondie, deelite, go-go's...

have fun!!! hope this helps...

Alannah said...

holy shit. I love you Marty.

We'll do this again on Baby Jesus's birthday, ok?

miss marty said...

oh yeah, i forgot:
big poppa: hypnotize
and snoop: in addition to wha'ts my name, anything off of doggystyle

let me know if you want more rockin stuff. i gots more....

Collective Heartburn said...

Lady Lumps

Collective Heartburn said...


Alannah said...

J - ew...but hahaha. Fergie is a disease with no cure.

Marty - BIG HELP!! I'm working on the playlist instead of cleaning & making cream puffs.

carolyn says said...

letter to an occupant by the new pornographers

like a prayer - madge
well ots of madge's stuff really but i am partial to that one

the last time i went dancing at like a proper club they played soldier girl by the polyphonic spree and people went nuts

groove is in the heart

here comes your man

and my absolute favorite, the bangles cover of hazy shade of winter

Alannah said...

good ideas, Carolyn. I saw the Polyphonic Spree in their hometown of Dallas a few years ago and it was an amazing show.

I really like songs with handclaps. What are some good songs I may have overlooked w/ handclaps?

Collective Heartburn said...

Oh there's a whole world of flamenco. Yuo can dub some Paco Peña with some drum and bass or whatever you kids are grooving to these days.

Collective Heartburn said...

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands. That's a good one.

Alannah said...

you just couldn't help yourself w/ that one, could you?

Check out what I found, though:

Collective Heartburn said...


I'm gonna check songs with foot stamping and see what I can step to.

carolyn says said...

get some tropicalia

caetano veloso and gilberto gil fucking rule

ooh and tighten up by archie bell and the drells, i believe it has large amounts of hand clapping, if i remember correctly

Bryan said...

Throw a little angst in there with something from the Faint and go retro-obscure with "If I Only Had a Brain" by MC 900 Ft Jesus.

Alannah said...

Dang it...I like that "If I Only Had a Brain" song. Instead, at like 2am someone got a hold of my precious playlist and played "Tears Are Fallin'" by Kiss 4 times in a row.