Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I Wonder What The Hazing Will Entail

Arkansas governer Huckabee to join Reagan & Elvis fraternity.

Okay I have a few favorite parts.

First, the "closed-door, one-hour initiation ceremony at the governor's mansion." I got one (disturbing) word for you - SEXY!

Second, "He's done an awful lot for the state as well as the country," said Kevin Mayeux, the fraternity's chief executive officer." An AWFUL lot, yes. Check out our awesome per capita income, poverty level and education rates!

And lastly, "Mayeux said belonging to the fraternity could expand the network of supporters Huckabee may find if he runs for president. Founded in 1899, the fraternity has 270 campus chapters and 200,000 living members." Way to lock up some votes and build a base, Huck!

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