Friday, December 29, 2006

No Guilt, All Pleasure

Justin Timberlake
Butterfinger mini candy bars
Getting my hair and nails done
"Since You've Been Gone"
Vogue's massive September issue
Just One Of The Guys
Sleeping until noon (0r later)
Brunch (drinking before noon)
George Clooney
Cover songs
Going shopping for a New Year's Eve party dress


Tilta said...


I mean sure I'd do him, but he is not on my mind.

Alannah said...

he was on a Letterman rerun and then again on Bravo's Sexiest Film Scenes today. What can I say...he was on my mind.

Tilta said...

Oh. Ok then. Carry on.

Paul Rudd was on Reno 911 last night and I LOVE HIM MORE THAN EVER.

He is so out of my league. Why must I play for such a crappy league?!

Alannah said...

Good question. I want a trade up!

Greg said...

Okay, we can accept all of those except the Timberlake thing.

Alannah said...

Don't even try to resist Timberlake.