Saturday, December 23, 2006

Santa's Workshop

Last year I stayed up all night wrapping presents and watching The 40 Year-Old Virgin alone, laughing my ass off. This year Stella has a friend over and I'm working out the kinks on my annual X-Mess CD, printing off pictures, making jewelry & collages and watching Sex, Lies, and Videotape on IFC. I cannot STAND Andie MacDowell. She's a horribly dull actress and her reactions are always a pace or more off, not at all natural. I don't know many women, though, who don't think James Spader is the hottest thing on the planet (and I'm sure I'll hear from the ones who don't). I'm especially partial to this lush, feathery mullet phase.

Playlist for CD:
1. Hurry On Now - Alice Russell feat. TM Juke
2. Last Call - Brazilian Girls
3. Tempted - Squeeze
4. Crazy For Leaving - Catfish Haven
5. That’s All - Genesis
6. Young Folks - Peter Bjorn and John
7. The Killing Moon - Grant Lee Phillips
8. I’ve Been Thinking - Handsome Boy Modeling School feat. Cat Power
9. Love Me Or Hate Me - Lady Sovereign
10. Seven Nation Army - Nostalgia feat. Alice Russell
11. Hand On Your Heart - Jose Gonzalez
12. Colours - Hot Chip
13. Saturday - Josh Rouse
14. Red Vines - Aimee Mann
15. Rainy Night In Georgia - Tony Joe White
16. Bizarre Love Triangle - Nouvelle Vague
17. Only A Fool Would Say That - Steely Dan
18. Consolation Prizes - Phoenix


dick clinch said...

While I may not share the opinion that James Spader is a "hunk" I would contend that he is my favorite televison actor.

When the Bush administration finally has had enough of my crap and comes after me, I want him to be my lawyer. I say this fully aware that he is not a real lawyer, but only plays one on TV.

Alannah said...

Oh..see, I've never seen James Spader on that show. I'm very behind in tv watching. But I take your word for it. I hope he plays a sleazy lawyer...he plays sleazy so well.

Lori Mocha said...

I don't wanna like James, because I don't like sleazebags, but I like James.

He is so sleazy hot.

Maybe I do like sleazebags.

carolyn says said...

i keep seeing evidence of lady sovereign love all over the american internets and i don't get it. her voice is everything i hate about english teenagers! that nasally awfullness! maybe i just got too much of that goddamn hoodie song over the summer. it was everywhere.

Alannah said...

I don't like any of her other songs, that I've heard...but I can't stop listening to "Love Me or Hate Me."