Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Some Series Really Should Be Retired For Good



Lori Mocha said...

You no like bloated, old Rocky?

Alannah said...

Oh...bless his heart.

Collective Heartburn said...

Maybe he recovered from the brain damage of Rocky 5. He had it in Rocky 1 and 2. Then from 3 and 4 he became an articulate Rocky who could read and write and enjoy fine dining. Then in Rocky 5 he's poor and punchy again.

OK, just saw the trailer. Where's Talia Shire? Is that another Adrian? He still seems punchy. Obviously he'll win. He won that street fight in 5. Is the son a banker now? Has Paulie taken up painting?

I wish Mr. T would come back to train him this time. Or Dolf Lundgren's post Soviet Ivan Drago.

Is the Stallion taking viagra?

Alannah said...




Collective Heartburn said...

only 3. I guess that's too many for a 6th Rocky.

Alannah said...

I counted 5 question marks. You woulda lost Sly back on question #2.