Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ways To Fight Back

I wrote about my daughter's first experience with sexual harrassment and how infuriating it was as a mother to watch my daughter learn how difficult it is to protect even her own personal space. Feministing had a short piece that led me to Holla Back, a tool for women to fight back, either with photos of the offenders or by writing about their experiences. I see there's a Holla Back Arkansas but it's an invitation-only blog so I'm hoping I can make the cut. It's too bad because that sort of information should be made public, like photos of deadbeat parents at the Post Office. Just this past weekend I went to a nice upscale restaurant alone for a glass of wine while waiting for friends. It didn't take 15 minutes for some pushy old drunk dude to sit next to me and attempt to monopolize my attention and time, asking me personal questions and commenting on my appearance. Just because a woman is alone does not mean she wants to be spoken to or hit on!

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