Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I Got Your Outrage Right Here

This article in Salon today is just so good. Please read it.

I'm too busy today to formulate a longer response, but I don't think we can keep comparing Iraq to Vietnam in terms of how we ordinary citizens are responding to the war. We live in a completely different world today, a world that doesn't, and can't, stop for a war on foreign soil. I know there are often protests scheduled here in Fayetteville but I forget about them because guess what, I'm really fucking busy trying to keep food on the table. It's not that expressing my outrage isn't important to me, it's that then this anger and frustration with our government and its policies become just more things on The List of Things I Should Be Doing. I can't handle the guilt. So I got this here blog...geez, whatta cliché.

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