Thursday, January 04, 2007

I Hope You Found What You Were Looking For

Favorite Google searches that led people here:
  • The song with the lyrics the downtown was so scary
  • White trash
  • Leonard Cohen wine wafer
  • Playboy October 2006
  • Recovering Broken Heart
  • Southern Brown Beans Recipe
  • Novovirus
  • Pi
  • Bottled Egg Nog
I think those do a fairly good job of summing up this here blog.


Lori Mocha said...

I just googled "feminist in hickville" to add to your list.

(Be proud. You were first to appear).

Alannah said...

I'm so proud!! Maybe I should change the name of my blog to that.

Jay said...

I keep getting results like "she fucked a dog", most recently from someone in Sweden.

The trouble is if I then mention it, someone else finds my blog with that phrase and it continues.

And for the record, I have never posted about such a thing.