Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Kate's Birth Day

When my younger sister Jessy was a toddler she climbed up on the kitchen counter and somehow slipped and fell and broke her top tooth halfway off. The part of the tooth that was left turned a dark gray. We called it her "rotten tooth" because we didn't know about self-esteem back in those days.

Jess and I were vaguely aware of our mother's pregnancy but, being seven and five, we didn't really concern ourselves with matters outside of our insular, imaginative world. On a very cold morning 24 years ago, I woke up to Jessy excitedly telling me she had finally lost her gray tooth. That meant only one thing - ice cream. Our parents told Jess they would buy her ice cream when she finally lost her tooth. For girls being raised on a macrobiotic diet, and whose only permissable sweeteners were rice syrup and fruit, the promise of ice cream was a HUGE deal. We went running into the living room, Jessy holding what was left of her tooth, demanding ice cream for breakfast only to see our mother holding a little baby. My first thought was, "Is someone with a baby visiting us?"

It took a good 15 minutes of explaining before we realized that our mother had given birth at some point in the night and the baby she was holding was our new little sister. Jess and I were all, "Yeah, yeah, baby..whatever. WHEN ARE YOU GETTING THE ICE CREAM?!" Kate Elizabeth Massey was born exactly 24 years ago in our tiny farmhouse in the Ozarks, our dad acting as the midwife. And in all the pictures taken that morning, you can see Jess and me gleefully holding containers of Häagen Dazs.

Happy Birthday, Kate! I will always love you more than ice cream. I promise.


Kate Massey said...

Awwwwww, that is such a sweet (literally for you and Jess) story. Thank you!

Paycheck said...

no kidding. this is why i have always wanted siblings.

Paycheck said...

oops. it's marty, not pork. he is signed in.

Alannah said...

I was gonna say....Pork has enough siblings!

I'll be your honorary big sister, Marty. I have lots of experience.

5 of 9er said...

That is sweet... very sweet. But did you end up getting the ice cream? don't leave us hanging!

Alannah said...

Yes, we got our ice cream! I keep meaning to scan those photos of us holding quart-sized tubs of ice cream and kissing baby Kate.