Thursday, January 04, 2007

"Pharma Babes?" Are You Kidding Me?

There are some things that I encounter and at first I know they piss me off but can't articulate exactly why. I have to reread or rewatch or rehear them to figure out why or how I know they're fucked up. This article was like that. I read it two days ago and thought, "Pffft, what a douchebag." But I kept thinking about it and realized it's more than just another douchebag doctor's opinion. I had to examine why it got me riled up and I think I'm about there.

Well, to start the very first sentence is sexist and patronizing. "It's the click of high heels that gets our attention." So already he's positioned the sexy pharmaceutical reps against the dowdy, boring "good women" who work in hospitals. That old dichotomy. It's so fucking tiresome. He then goes on to tell us that these "pharma babes" aren't specially trained or educated but he makes a case for why they're important to him anyway.
"They encourage us, though, with smiles, samples and glossy cards with easy-to-understand graphics. Perhaps more encouraging are their compliments...10 minutes of rapt attention from a smiling beauty is still 10 more minutes than usual."
Because doctors are big, dumb dolts who don't like to read and are suckers for heels and pretty faces. your blood boiling yet? Mine is. I hate to believe that studying for the boards is so hard that doctors don't have time to educate themselves on every new medication and it's just easier to passively accept whatever the pharmaceutical reps tell them, even though I'm sure it's true. Do I have to accept it, though? And are we to assume that all doctors are straight men? I GUESS SO. I am so disgusted with this man, with the medical business (and don't get me is very much a business, not a service) in general after reading this article. I'm sure some of it is true. I know that pharmaceutical companies have way more power than they deserve. But that's not the point he makes at all. He thinks these "pharma babes" serve a real function. I'd like to serve HIM a function - squarely in the nuts.

ETA: Carol Lloyd at Salon sums it up better than I do.


Lori Mocha said...

Oh Alannah, don't be so uptight about being unjustly ripped off and having your health compromised by corporate america.

I just disprove of anything that hinders the sale and/or promotion of pharmaceuticals.

So, acutually, I wish a pharma babe would come to my house and uh, give me the goods.


I cracked myself up. And that's what really matters here.

Oh but did I make it clear I am inviting pharma babes over to my place?

Sex is on the table. Or under it.


NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I hope that doctor was commenting anonymously, or he may lose some credibility. That and the next time he hears heels "clicking" into his office they will be Alanah's, and then he won't like wear they click next.