Friday, January 12, 2007

Things I Don't Think I'll Ever Understand

  • Prog rock
  • The appeal of The Three Stooges, Jerry Lewis, NASCAR, margarine, televised baseball, poetry slams, diet Berries n Cream Dr. Pepper, and the comics page
  • Quantum physics
  • Ugly shoes
  • George W. Bush's foreign policies
  • Inherent bigotry
  • Decaf coffee (and how it becomes decaffeinated)
  • My mother
Please note, not understanding isn't the same as not liking.

But pretty much.


The [Cherry] Ride said...

I'll agree with most of what you said (although I don't know your mother) but I grew up disliking the Three Stooges and just recently saw several episodes and I found it very funny. I guess that makes me a real guy then. And those over-the-top flavored diet sodas are just wrong and disgusting.

carolyn says said...

the three stooges make me sad especially in the ones where they are really old. we saw an episode recently where they were retelling around the world in 80 days and i was very worried that someone would break a hip

carolyn says said...

oh and i forgot, jeremy got to try the cappucino flavored pepsi once. he was visiting their offices for work and actually told them, "my wife thinks you're crazy to make a coffee flavored pop!" so they gave him one. and he liked it! he said it tasted like the ice cream floats he used to make when he was a kid with coke and coffee ice cream. he is, obviously, sort of a weirdo.

Delphi said...

Yeah, I've always been puzzled why anyone would drink decaf coffee or non-alcoholic beer. I've also wondered where they put all that caffeine after they extract it. Maybe it's in a big pile somewhere, and you can pick up a truckload to take home like compost?

Saw your link from the Five-Forty and enjoy your blog. Glad to know there are intelligent bloggers up there behind the Republican Wall.

Anonymous said...

I think I just got a comment from you from ages ago that I don't remember reading or responding to before. Hello! I'm still here! Happy New Year! xxx

Lori Mocha said...