Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thoughts While Watching The Office Tonight

  • "Jesus. How many ways are they gonna keep trying to make oatmeal exciting? IT'S OATMEAL, PEOPLE."
  • "Why is it that even numbers aren't deemed attractive to consumers? You never hear of Arby's offering '4 for $4.44' specials. There must be something subliminally desirous about those rounded odd numbers."
  • The tilde over the "n" for Mexican lemonade was a brilliant little scene.
  • "I'm enthralled by the swirling cleaning bubbles of that whitening Listerine. But I also remember the crushing disappointment I felt as a girl when little foaming bristle creatures didn't come zooming out of the can like on the commercial."
  • The accents of used car salesmen are somehow deeper and more exaggerated than other southern men.

1 comment:

The [Cherry] Ride said...

I too loved those Crystal Bubbles creatures and hoped they were real. Damn I was a stoopid kid.