Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Grateful I Still Had A Red Shirt To Wear

Tonight I took 20 Japanese students to the Razorback basketball game. Thank god we won, but that's another blog post (don't get me started on the decline of our basketball team). Last night was exciting, beating Mississippi State. I hadn't been to a game in so long. It took me back to the golden days of '94 when we won the NCAA National Championship and '95 when we went to the Final Four. With Clinton in the White House and the Hogs as national champions, Arkansas was in the best public standing ever. Of course I was too young to appreciate it or deservedly gloat like I might now.

Stella was born in 1995 and in the video of her birth (filmed AGAINST my wishes but that's also another post) you can hear people cheering as they watch the game in the other room. Because really, isn't watching Arkansas play in the Final Four so much more exciting than the birth of a child? Most of y'all will say, "Yes, Alannah, it really is. Not to mention a lot less gross." It was fine by me. I didn't want a roomful of assorted people all watching me grunt and bleed anyway. Ew. Wait...wasn't I talking about basketball?

I had a blast tonight. Watching these games live is so much more fun anyway, but watching it with a group of international students who are experiencing it for the first time makes even more exciting. AND WE WON!


The [Cherry] Ride said...

I bet you are a cool host. That would have been pretty fun.

5 of 9er said...

I never would of thought you were into hoops. Nice!

Alannah said...

I like basketball because it's easy to understand and it's fast-paced.