Sunday, February 04, 2007

I Almost Forgot I Had A Blog

Life is getting very busy.

I'm learning that just about the only fun I can have with a pre-teen daughter is when I embarrass her in public. It makes up for the eye-rolls, scoffing, loud sighing, and "MO-OM!" that have replaced normal, human interaction. Tonight we were doing some Sunday grocery shopping at IGA. I've got to hand it to IGA - they play really good supermarket easy rock music. I absentmindedly started singing along to the songs ("You Make Lovin' Fun," "Ventura Highway," "You Make My Dreams,") and realized Stella was now walking several steps behind me. "Mom," She hissed, "Stop it. You're embarrassing me."


There are few moments in the life of a parent when you're given these golden payback opportunities. So of course I had to add some dancing, finger snapping and background vocals. Stella ducked down a separate aisle. I relished the maternal power I'd forgotten I had. It's way too much fun to be the weird mom singing and dancing by herself in the IGA.

In other Stella news, check out the awesome Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired building she made as part of her Gifted & Talented unit on architecture:It was one of only two buildings from her school chosen as the best examples from this district-wide unit.

Here's what happens when Stella gets a hold of my camera:Chicklet is just trying to look smart.

You know how I can tell I've got it bad for my boyfriend? After a long week in which we saw each other much more than usual, all I wanted to do was drive the hour to his house to make him dinner (arugula pesto, goat cheese & red pepper-stuffed chicken breasts, sautéed squash, wild rice). As we were sitting down to eat he said, "You should've taken a picture of this." He knows me well, y'all. Here's the chocolate cake w/ chocolate buttercream icing I made for him on Wednesday. Who am I kidding? I made it for all of us. And then he made me fall for him even harder when he showed me old photos from his rocker days. I've got two words for you - mustache & spandex. How about five more? Teenage Judas Priest cover band. Swoon! Chicklet even likes him better than us now.

The view from his deck:
Last night I brought some of the international students to hear him play with a blues band. One of many great things about the Latin students is that they love to dance. So while the place was filled with boring Arkansans sitting around on their asses watching the band, we danced most of the night. We had an after party with a Chinese, two Brazilian, and three Mexican women, an American husband and then D. and me. We sipped tequila in the hot apartment and pretended that outside wasn't one solid sheet of ice.

Tonight I craved spice. I made Chicken Biryani, cucumber raita, and curried lentils. I used this yogurt in the raita and it's hands-down the best I've ever eaten - so creamy.Okay, that's about all I got. Back to work. Tomorrow is one big deadline.


Jeannie's New Mid Life said...

Embaressment is a great tool for discipline when you have a pre-teen too. I have threatened to show up in front of her friends wearing a belly baring tank top before! Great GT building by the way!

Lori Mocha said...

My mom used to embarrass me like that.

Of course, you are a good dancer and she is not, so I think I had it worse.

Now, it is me singing Justin Timberlake in the subways of Brooklyn. I may just put my hat out one of these days.

carolyn says said...

she should consider herself lucky you weren't singing Strangers in the Night. my mom always turned to Rodgers and Hammerstein when she wanted to embarrass us. sometimes, in dire moments, the carpenters or barry manilow

5 of 9er said...

Good for you! By embarrassing your daughter you are preparing her for adult life... and keeping life fun. :)