Saturday, February 17, 2007

We Needed More Chaos In Our Lives

Ang, Stella and I are hosting a Japanese student for the next three weeks. I've spent all day cleaning like mad because I used to work at a Japanese restaurant and I know how fastidious the Japanese can be. And we? Well...let's just say we have a healthy tolerance for dust and clutter. I hope she doesn't think we're disgusting pigs. That's my job.

It's been a fun day so far. I think she's completely jet-lagged and exhausted and doesn't speak much English, but she's helped with the dishes and brought us fun gifts from Japan. We made brownies and are sitting in front of the fireplace making origami. It couldn't get much cozier.


boleroid said...

oh lord, did you work at asahi? i washed dishes there for a summer. i've had some bad restaurant jobs before, but that was...special.

Alannah said...

You did?! I worked there for three years, off and on. From '97-98 and then again from '99-'00 and then sometimes in between when she'd get desperate and call me, yelling, "Arannah! We need waitress with common sense!" It was horrifically entertaining, working there...emphasis on the "horrific."